D.L. Howell Drone Services


Drones are making ALTA surveys more affordable and faster to process than ever before. Here at D.L. Howell Engineering and Howell Kline Surveying, we have started using RTK (real-time kinetic) technology that provides real-time corrections to location data when the drone is capturing photos. RTK technology means a faster workflow on our end that will provide you with a highly accurate and comprehensive assessment of your project. 


A birds-eye view of your project site can do wonders for a website. We can offer this service at high resolution and crystal clear imaging for our clients. We can also provide image tracking that can allow our drone to focus on one central location or object to get the results you want. 


Our 2D and 3D models can be used to analyze and determine the cut, fill, and area of a designated location for our clients. We can also tell the elevation of a given site and give an idea about the plant health from an aerial perspective.


An immense benefit of orthomosaic photogrammetry is that it can provide an updated view of your project area. Orthomosaic photogrammetry can allow you to see recent developments in your projects and changes in the landscape from construction or natural disasters and occurrences. Drone orthomosaic photogrammetry can also allow for the calculations of stockpiles, help construction firms estimate the cost of materials, and compile the images into a 3D model of the project site. 


High resolution and detailed aerial models can start to be rendered after a drone flight with our software tools. These drone images can be of a building, project or construction site, or any other asset that you might need to be documented or viewed from an aerial perspective.