The use of drones is ever increasing in the construction for both those in the field and the engineering aspects of the job. Drones can help to keep jobs under budget as well as make timelines easier more manageable. Aerial imaging, mapping, and 2D and 3D models have the ability to change the way a construction company’s workflow is handled.


Drones allow for quick and accurate site surveys of jobs, the ability to perform quick volume (cut and fill) calculations of material moved onto or from a job site. Measure distances, heights, and the areas grade from an aerial perspective in a short amount of time compared to doing it in the field.


An advanced robotic system, such as a sewer inspection crawler, is equipped with the latest technology. The crawler is able to safely and easily inspect sanitary and stormwater pipes by recording digital video. Drones are also often used for visual inspections of utility towers, varying sizes and types of piping, bridges, culverts and many other difficult to reach areas as part of its maintenance. Using a drone to collect visual data helps inspectors avoid having to place themselves or their colleagues in a possibly dangerous or time and budget consuming effort. The visual data that a drone collects can then be filed into a record of the condition of the object it is inspecting. This allows our clients to keep track of an object’s life history over time that can be used at any period.


Our drone aerial photography and cinematography services allow us to capture footage from a unique and high-resolution point-of-view. We can capture photos and videos from scenic landscape flyovers to up-close and lower to the ground tracking action shots. We have a variety of drones that will work to suit any drone photography or cinematography project our clients might need. We also offer time-lapsed and hyper-lapsed photography and cinematography of our client’s respective, building, community, lot, or job site.  We can edit and deliver the finished product to our clients to any specifications they might have!


Drones are used to get an idea of when energy and utility infrastructures and equipment might need to be replaced or repaired. They can assist after the events of a natural disaster to assess any damage that might have happened. Drones are able to perform inspections of bridges, mines, oil and gas, power-plants, and other utilities to gather accurate data faster, cheaper, and allows for individuals who might be inspecting the site to do in a safer manner than sending individuals to perform it.


What better way is there to market an area that getting a unique birds-eye view of it in a clean and clear image? Our drone images allow for high resolution and detailed images of both 2D and 3D models for our clients to get a better view of a respective, building, community, lot, or job site. We are able to do high-resolution 2D imaging and videography either time lapsed or hyper-lapsed, 3D modeling of a location, overhead aerial imaging, and 360-degree panoramic imaging.