drone flight services

With over five years of flight experience, several Part 107 Certified Pilots, each expertly trained in UAV data capture techniques, and insurance for all projects, D.L. Howell is equipped to provide quick and accurate data tailored to projects of any size. We utilize drones to map, model, survey and gather your project site data to produce high-resolution aerial imagery. D.L. Howell uses the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations, including RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) GPS for accurate survey modeling, giving our clients the ability to instantly view, measure, and manage their projects.

CCTV Pipe Inspections

We offer CCTV video inspection for sanitary and stormwater pipes from 6″ to 96″ in diameter. Operating a CCTV inspection crawler is safe, easy, and this advanced robotic system allows for viewing, recording, logging observation, and generating reports of sanitary and stormwater pipes integrity and ensure that they were correctly installed. These findings can be sent directly from the field for instant results and feedback. Our top of the line crawler is equipped with a rear and front-facing HD camera, led lights, 360-degree rotational camera, pipe grade inclinometer, an on-board laser to measure defects and ovality.

orthographic maps

Monitor project development and changes to construction sites. 

2d and 3d models

 Aerial photos, maps, and 3D models are able to transform your workflow.

sewer laterals inspections

Complete a 360-degree inspection of sewer laterals and their condition. 

storm drain inspections

Analyze stormwater systems for blockages, cracks, or structural defects.

elevation views

View elevation and understand the layout of an area. 


Quickly acquire data from vantage points inaccessible from the ground.

pre and post construction

Review pipe installation pre or post-construction to review quality. 

burided manholes

Locate and identify buried manholes or other structures within a pipe.

Plant Health

Explore agricultural data and view plant health. 

stockpile imaging

Accurate Stockpile measurement for your project site.

pipe depth

Identify the depth of a pipe from the surface to verify proper installation.

pipe inclination

Review a pipe’s incline or decline slope ensuring proper drainage.